Clean up your dbatools

It’s easy to get the latest version of the dbatools PowerShell module:Update-Module -Name dbatoolsHowever, this does not remove the old versions. Those stay around until you manually do something about it. To see all the versions installed, this command is helpful:Get-Module -Name dbatools -ListAvailable | Select-Object Name, Version, Path Why clean them up?1) Remove clutter […]


Here’s the “initial commit” for the blog reboot. More to come soon.

Introducing ISDeploymentCmd

A few months back, after resuming SSIS development full-time on a new team, I began to look for ways to incrementally improve the processes causing pain around deployments. New or improved packages would be sent to the DBA in the form of an ISPAC and then he’d open SSMS and deploy to the target server […]

SSRS and Kerberos with a Cluster

I recently came across an error involving SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) that I recognized immediately but still took me some time to resolve due to intricacies of this particular environment. This involves a scenario with a Web App calling into SSRS which then connects to a separate SQL Cluster. The admin of the Web […]

Little fish, big pond

The SQL Server Community feels large. There are so many resources online at my disposal that I may even say it is bit overwhelming. There so are many that greats that came before me which leads me to ask, what could I possibly contribute by having yet another blog? The answer is quite simple – […]

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