Here are some resources I found helpful when architecting solutions for SQL Server on Amazon Web Services

Start by reviewing exactly how they recommend you build a SQL Server
Best practices for deploying SQL Server on Amazon EC2

Take a refresher on how Window drives and mappings work for both instance store and EBS volumes
Map disks to volumes on your Windows instance

Setup for tempdb explained and how to make sure it with re-creaste on an instance store drive:
Place tempdb in an instance store

Layer in some clustering. I found the IP assignment bits here to be very helpful
Best practices and recommendations for SQL Server clustering on EC2

See how they build a “quick start” Availability Group
in SQL Server with Always-on Replication on AWS
and get the nitty gritty details in the reference deployment

Go through a hands-on MS-SQL Availability Group Workshop

Last, but not least, be sure to know how licensing works
Microsoft Licensing on AWS